Monday, November 23, 2009

Squirrel incinerates car

At any moment, a flaming squirrel could drop from these overhead wires in Bayonne, NJ. 

I've had several reports of cars incinerated by rodents.   Mr. Pack Rat reports that pack rat nests under the hoods of cars can catch on fire.

But this example from Bayonne, NJ, takes the cake.   A squirrel was chewing on an overhead wire, caused a short circuit, then caught on fire itself.   The flaming squirrel apparently fell to the ground near the car of Lindsy Millar, 23... then it scampered into the engine compartment of her car.  Of course!  To a squirrel, under the hood is a safe place in time of need.

The car burst into flames; firefighters later said a squirrel was the cause.

But the real cause was garbage, improperly stored: "They're always coming around here, chewing through the garbage," Tony Millar said.  If you've been to Bayonne, you wouldn't be surprised.

Bayonne street: a garbage can with a missing lid is visible by the garage door.

Lindsey was insured, but the squirrel wasn't.

People always blame the animals... when people are really the cause.

Given enough years, enough squirrels, and enough power plants...  sooner or later, a flaming squirrel will drop into the control room of an atomic power plant, and....

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