Friday, November 20, 2009

Wolf escapes from pickup truck

Residents on the West side of Madison, WI, who love wildlife in the greenway were surprised when a wolf or hybrid was captured nearby on Thursday.

But don't worry--there's no evidence it has a den there. Instead, it lives indoors just a few houses away, on Falles Ct. The pet belongs to Greg Weber.

The wolf or hybrid escaped from the rear window of Greg Weber's pickup truck, and was captured half a mile away.

The animal control office and police were flooded with calls reporting a wolf. Some people said it was howling. When captured, the animal "seemed shy and responded to treats." It wasn't aggressive.

Keeping a wolf or wolf hybrid is illegal in Madison, but the animal won't be tested, because it's complicated and expensive.

A "spokesman for the Madison Police Department, said the dog's owner, Gregory Weber, 52, ...was arrested Wednesday night on tentative charges of domestic disorderly conduct, domestic criminal trespassing and domestic use of a dangerous weapon after he threatened a 78-year-old woman while armed with a knife.  While Weber was being arrested, he told officers he 'was very upset that he had lost his dog ....'"

Residents of the neighborhood recalled that, about six months ago, SWAT teams descended on the neighborhood when Weber's brother was being sought on a murder charge.  The brother's body was found in a nearby park the next day, dead from apparent suicide.


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