Saturday, December 5, 2009

Coyote attack

"The fatal mauling of a young Canadian woman by coyotes in Nova Scotia this week has surprised wildlife lovers across North America. "  More  Such attacks are extremely rare, considering the huge numbers of coyotes, and how close they live to people.

Coyotes have been reported in downtown Chiciago.  In fact, a cougar was captured on the outskirts of Chicago.  Here's a map of coyotes in Los Angeles.

Advice for keeping coyotes away from your house:
  • "Install motion detector lights aimed at the perimeter of your yard.
  • Use air horns or a whistle to startle predators from the area. Do not, however, employ pellet guns, which could injure pets or neighbors.
  • Remove pet food from patios and yards.
  • Clear dead fruit from under trees and low-hanging branches. The fruit attracts prey animals such as raccoons and opossums.
  • Keep trash inside the garage or keep the containers covered.
  • The odor of sprayed cat urine can attract prey animals, so keep cats indoors.
  • Trim excess vegetation where rats and small animals will burrow.
  • Enclose crawl spaces under patios and raised foundations."   Source
Wolf attacks
They do attack humans.  See excellent article here.

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