Thursday, December 10, 2009

World's first glow-in-the-dark dog

"In April, the world was introduced to Ruppy, the first known fluorescent dog. In natural light, Ruppy seems to be an almost-normal beagle — though his paws look as if he has stepped in pink ink. Under ultraviolet light, the effect is quite evident: he emits an eerie red glow.

Ruppy is the first transgenic puppy, which means that he has genes taken from another species. His red fluorescent luminosity comes from the gene of a sea anemone: the gene was introduced into a dog's skin cell; the nucleus was then cloned and transferred to another dog's egg cell, which was then fertilized and eventually became Ruppy."   Source

     Commentary:  What's it for, I want to know?  My dog, Aisha, would have still gotten lost, glow-in-the dark or not.  Probably what's most important about this is that the dog is a "chimera," an individual with the genes from two species mixed.  Sort of a "frankendog."  What is truly amazing is that you can see the dog glow when the lights are turned out.   If this ever takes off, it will be with Mexican hairless dogs.

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