Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weird photos of animals

You might enjoy these photos of animals.  Creepy, weird, surprising, and funny.

And here's the famous  photo of crasher squirrel, along with its many clones.

Here's the centipug.

Here's a slide show of a few of my own.  I've posted a preview below.

Squirrel drinking beer at the Student Union, Madison, WI.

The story behind the photo
I'm a wedding photographer--I was photographing a wedding at the Student Union in Madison, WI.  On the terrace nearby, hundreds of students sit about, drinking beer, while freeloading squirrels, sparrows, and starlings hop about. 

The light was just right--so I asked the bride to put her cup of beer down, while I took her photo.  There was no table nearby, so she placed her cup on the ground.  When we finished the photo, I went to get her beer, and there he was--the squirrel swilling her beer.  With his head in the cup, he didn't see me as I took the photo from only a few feet away.

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