Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to rodent-proof your home

I've reported about keeping rodents out of your car--and the same methods will keep them out of your house.  In fact, if your garage is a home to rodents, your car is at risk, too.

In your home, they are just a nuisance (and sometimes a health hazard).  But in your car--you're talking about some serious repair bills--rodents cost one man over $25,000.

So here's a video with some good advice--I've checked it out.

In short, the video recommends:
  • Closing all entry points to the house that are 1/4" or larger, especially where pipes enter.
  • Controlling all food sources in your house, especially pet food.
To this I would add:  The Victor snap traps work really well for mice.  Bait them with cheese or peanut butter, and place them on the floor along walls.

This website has some sound advice and products for getting rid of mice.

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