Friday, December 4, 2009

Cockroach on a plane

While we're weighing the chance of cockroaches making it to the moon, it seems logical to see if they like to travel by air.  And they do, according to one passenger on a flight from to New York...

"It was a cockroach. A common household cockroach. Denizen of seedy tenements and penthouse condominiums alike. One of a breed of more than 4,000 species of cockroaches, the likes of which will continue to thrive on this planet long after mankind is annihilated by meteorites, nuclear war or 24-hour global simulcasts of the Jerry Springer show. Yes. La cucaracha. Virtually unchanged since it first began twitching its antennae some 320 million years ago. And one of their kind was just a foot away from me, scaring the hell out of one of my passengers. I watched dispassionately as the helpless insect scuttled across the matted carpet of our Boeing 727, which just happened to be headed to New York, cockroach capital of the United States."   Find out more about escaped doggies, plus birds, flies, moths, and rats on planes here.

Sandra Porter photographed a dead cockroach between the two panes of the window next to her airline seat.  She wondered, "Maybe this is why the flight attendant kept asking us to close the shades."  My question: How did it get there?  Evidently, it was built into the plane.  Gosh!

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