Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Toilets for cows in the Dairy State?

Pigs set an example for cows in America's Dairyland.  A porker at the Monroe County Fair, displaying his... sense of humor.

Manure from dairy farms is a leading cause of water pollution in Wisconsin.  So it makes sense that farmers would begin to potty train their cows.  Or if would make sense, if there were a tax on manure in streams.

But wait... maybe cows aren't as smart as pigs...

It's true that pigs are higly intelligent.  They have advanced communication.  Some even seem to have a sense of humor.  But cows?   

Pigs show the way

"TAIPEI (AFP) – Farmers in southern Taiwan have started to potty-train their pigs in response to a planned water pollution fee, breeders and officials said Monday."

"To keep their livestock from defecating into nearby rivers, a growing number of farms have established special "toilets" smeared with faeces and urine to attract the pigs -- and farmers say the results have been very encouraging."

'The pig toilets on my farm help me collect about 95 percent of all pig waste, making cleaning much, much easier,' Chang Chung-tou, a pig farmer in Yunlin county, told AFP."   Source

How to potty train a pig.

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